• Practice Begins 7/30/18

    Posted July 18, 2018

    Practice begins for both Football & Cheer on Monday, July 30, 2018 at 6:00pm

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Age & Weight Guidelines

The League in which the STMFA competes, the CFA has set the following age and weight guidelines/restrictions that each organization must abide by:


Players must fall between 5 years and 13 years old as April 30th of the current year.  Therefore, if a player is 13 years old on April 30th of the current year, he/she is eligible.  If the player turns 14 before April 30th of the current year, he/she is not eligible to register with the STMFA. Also, if  a player is 4 years old on April 30th, he or she is ineligible to play.  If that player is 5 years old on April 30th of the current year, he/she is eligible to play.


*** Please Note, Other factors can factor into this for both football players & cheerleaders ***

Smurf:  5-7 years old

Pee Wee:  7-9 years old

Pony:  10-11 years old

Midget: Up to 13 years old

Weight Limits By Level for Football Players

** Please Note, these are the Official CFA Weight Limits by level for the National Conference **

New for 2017...The Red Stripe Rule

If a Player is over the weight limit for their respective level, their helmet will be marked and they are able to play in any game on the Offensive or Defensive Line. On Offense, the may play tackle, gaurd, or center.  On Defense, they may play as a defensive tackle or nose tackle, but must line up in a 3 or 4 point stance.  They may not play defensive end.  No player over the weight limit for their respective level may play a skill position, such as, Quarter Back, Running Back, Tight End, Wide Receiver, Line Backer, Defensive Back or Defensive End.

Smurf: 85 pounds or less - Red Stripe Rule Does Not Apply

Pee Wee:  105 pounds or less

Pony:  130 pounds or less

Midget:  160 pounds or less


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