What You Need to Know About STMFA Youth Cheer

How are children separated into teams?

Cheerleading teams are organized according to the CFA By-Laws which divides the children into team bases on their AGE as of April 30th of the current year into the following:

  • Smurf: Ages 5-7 
  • Peewee: Ages 8-9 
  • Pony: Ages 10-11 
  • Midget: Ages 12-13 

** No One In 9th Grade may Cheer in the STYFCA or CFA **

When do the cheerleaders practice?

Practice for 2019 begins July 29th and runs each week for the duration of the season. Practices generally run from 6:00 to 8:00 pm, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  Cheerleading coaches at each level may change this schedule at their discretion.

Does the STYFCA provide uniforms?

We provide the use of skirts, vests, and pom poms.  Parents will need to purchase a spirit pack through the STMFA.  2 spirit packs are available, 1 for returning cheerleaders and 1 for new cheerleaders or cheerleaders that have grown and can no longer fit items from previous years.  See below for included items and cost.

New Cheerleader Spirit Pack for 2019   $116:
Body Suit
Cheer Sneakers
Hair Bow
Warm-Up Jacket & Pants

Returning Cheerleader Spirit Pack for 2019    $94:
Cheer Sneakers
Hair Bow
Warm-Up Jacket & Pants

All Spirit Pack Items are Yours to Keep at the End of the Season.  For Seasons moving forward, if your warm-up fits, you will not have to purchase a new one, unless design changes or product availability forces us to change to a different warm-up

Do the cheerleaders cheer at scrimmages and JV games?

Sometimes...This is based on the number of cheerleaders on a particular level and availability of coaches. 

Do the cheerleaders participate in competitions?

Over the past several seasons, the cheerleaders have participated in local competitions that include recreation squads, including a competition that is hosted by the CFA.  It is left to the discretion of the Cheer Coordinator to decide if and how many competitions the girls will participate in. Not all squads may participate in a competition.  It is dependent on the requirements of the competition and at the discretion of the head coach.  Additional fees may apply if your child is going to participate in a competition.  The fee helps to cover charges for practice facilities.  The competitions that STMFA participates in are typically held after the regular season ends in October, November or December.